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our process

Most of our patients are referred by their other patients, their doctor, or their family and friends. The reason that our practice was built on referrals is not only because of results, but also because of our transparency and simplicity.

Here’s the process:

Step 1: Schedule your complimentary consultation

Step 2: If we’re a good fit for you, schedule your NeuroStructural Correction Examination

Step 3: After your Examination, we’ll schedule you for a conference on a subsequent visit where we review what we have found and how we can help you.

Immediately following your conference you will receive your first Structural Adjustment. Your first adjustment as well as your initial NeuroStructural Rehabilitation session is included in your examination fee. There will be no additional charge. We do this so that you are, as they say, an informed consumer. We want you to feel and experience what a structural adjustment and the rehabilitation feels like BEFORE initiating a relationship with our office.

Within 24 hours after your conference and first adjustment, you will get a call from us to make sure that everything is crystal clear and to answer any questions that you may have about the adjustment, our recommendation for care, etc. You will not be solicited in any way, shape or form. If and when you are ready to begin improving your health and structure under our care, we will be here.

What I Need To Know Before My Examination?

Before we perform any examination, each prospective patient will have a consultation with the doctor. The reason for this is to determine if you are a good fit for our office as well as if we are a good fit for you and the results that you want to achieve. Remember, in our office a consultation is a conversation NOT a commitment.

After the consultation, a prospective patient may elect to proceed to our NeuroStructural Correction Examination. The examination may also be scheduled for a later time if you so choose. As always, the decision is yours and never will there be any pressure. The NeuroStructural Correction Examination is comprehensive and that means you should safely plan on allotting no less than one hour of your time.

What to expect on our NeuroStructural Correction Examination:

  • Complete seriers of NeuroStructural Radiography (Xrays) with Specialized Analysis
  • Any necessary Orthopedic and Neurologic tests
  • Posture Assessment
  • Any necessary Range of Motion Analyses
  • Segmental Thermographic Scan with Report
  • Electromyography Scan with Report

The NeuroStructual Correction Examination is designed to not only detect NeuroStructural Shifts but also gives us a complete understanding of the underlying cause of your condition. We will review the results of you NeuroStructural Correction Examination and carefully review everything we plan to do for you in our office. After your examination, you will be scheduled for a conference where we will explain our findings, a customized Initial Phase of Care, and an explanation of how our office works if you should decide to work with our office.

After your Patient Recommendation Conference you will start your first NeuroStructural Correction. You will be briefed on office and financial procedure and given any post-correction recommendations. Someone from our office will call within 24 hours after your first correction just to be sure all your questions have been answered. No pressure, the decision is all yours.


What there won’t be:

  • No hard sales
  • No gimmicks or tactics to get you to commit to our care
  • No 2 for 1 deals on packages of care
  • No free set of steak knives