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Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy (NSSD)

The year 2007 saw a breakthrough treatment announced at the Academy of Pain Management’s annual conference. There, a study showed that two weeks on the Hill DT machine (commonly used for non-surgical spinal decompression therapy) could provide up to a 50% reduction in pain.

Since 2007, NSSD therapy has grown to become one of the marquee services that we provide, as it can be used to treat a wide range of issues in both the neck and back. Successful treatment is achieved by stretching the spine, thus providing healthy mobility into affected areas. At Corrective Chiropractic, you can feel confident you are getting the best treatment, as we use the most modern Hill DT units available.

Thanks to our top-of-the-line technology and non-surgical therapies, Corrective Chiropractic is able to treat a range of conditions.

We are committed to delivering not only high-quality care but also high-quality results, using FDA approved equipment designed specifically for treating spinal compression pain and other related issues.

Non-Surgical Decompression Therapy uses both traction and decompression therapy in a procedure aimed at relieving back pain and optimizing the body’s ability to heal herniated, bulging, or degenerating discs.

When patients undergo NSSD Therapy, they can expect to see benefits like:

  • An increase in negative intradiscal pressure, which helps to either retract or reposition herniated and bulging discs.
  • A decrease in the pressure on the disc, leading to increased nutrients and other beneficial substances reaching the affected area.

What is the Spinal Decompression procedure like?

Spinal Decompression sessions begin with the patient lying down on a motorized table. A harness is then placed around the hips attached to the table near the feet. At that point, the lower part of the table will begin to slide back and forth, providing the traction and relaxation needed for the therapy.

During the procedure, patients can expect to experience zero discomfort, although they should notice a stretching of the spine. Even after the therapy is complete, there is no pain or recovery time.